Migrated to Linux- installed COMODO product Thanks

My precious post, I must apologize for the “out-break”.

However, I have migrated one of my computers to Linux OS and I am thinking now, “why I take so long” ?

Anyway, just want to say Thank You COMODO for providing a Linux version of CIS. All went well with install, some minor error messages, but I can’t find the log. It’s new environment, new language, but that’s OK. In good time.

For the record,
I do not use my computers to play games. I do “serious hobby” with Excel VBA/ web query.
That’s my “game”.
I can no longer do this hobby as well as I can if I had upgraded past Win 7.
So a line had to be drawn.

Thank You

Lazlo, I did the same. After what felt like a lifetime of faffing around with other products I finally switched to Linux (while picking this Linux web hosting package from 1&1) - link removed and I haven’t looked back !

I do use computers to play games - you seem to hold games or gamers in disregard, going by your post below? Why’s that?

Sorry if this is just a case of not being able to grasp the real sentiment or tone of a message over the internet. Cheers

Mod edit: The link removed contained commercial advertising, Captainsticks.