Might Be Installing CAV

Being and Avira and Comodo lover I might think about switching to CIS completely. What do you think?

I think that would be a smart move. The av is getting better everyday and with D+ and your knowlegde you won’t get infected anyways ;D

Personally, I use only CIS (firewall, AV and D+) since early version 3 and never had any problems… and I am a heavy Internet user. I also know that there is not such thing as “100% secure” no matter how many security programs you have installed, unless of course you are willing not to go online at all. I believe however that CIS will do what it was designed to do as long as users are watching what sites they visit and what they download. If however they go and click every link they can find like there is no tomorrow and download and then install everything they can get their hands, or should I say mouse, on then there is no security program that will protect them.

The already great CIS which is getting better with each version plus some common sense should keep most people out of trouble while online.

Well I want to run CIS and test it out before I recommend it for my customers.

You can use Avira as on-demand only. Just install it without the Guard.

EDIT: I wouldn’t recommend the Comodo Antivirus quite yet to the average user. It is still full of false positives. It’s detection is getting very good though.

I personally use Comodo Antivirus in real-time and use Avira as my on-demand scanner. Good luck.

FP’s are no big deal. Thats why you quarantine and not remove.

I use only CIS and a-squared free.Tried everything,but there’s no better than Comodo :-TU
Good luck!

Sure thing mate! But try teaching that to my Mum or Dad etc haha! Anyway, education is important for sure mate!

a-squared free takes hours (probably at least 2-3 hours) to finish a complete system deep scan. Avira AntiVir on-demand takes less than 30 minutes for me! Furthermore, every published detection rates on the internet show Avira is better or about the same as a-squared. Quite incredible really.

Somebody made some really nice CIS wallpaper. Anyone know where the link is to the thread?

I found those:



Nope not those.

If I was you I would wait until you can use the momentary heuristics (packer detection) at high leven without too many FPs like it was the fact when 3.9 was beta. Or maybe you should even wait until Comodo has real heuristics or CIMA behavior blocker.

Well, you can always try it. You know we’re here to help you if anythings pops-up :). You’re smart enough ( ;D) to use CIS’s full streighnt.


Try this link, Vette. It may be what you are looking for (also includes Avatars lower on the page)


LOL Vette, I told you long time ago, that you’ll be back to CIS ;D


Nope that’s not it. I have seen all those. Somebody made a CIS wallpaper and it was black.

Maybe this post?

Thank you… :-TU

so Vettetech you already decided ? you go to CIS ?