middle mouse click

Problem is with the Middle Mouse Click bahavior. By default, MMC opens new tab in background.
But every now and then I run into a page where MMC behave strange.
example 1:

If u click with MMB on “menu” links, it works ok, but when u click some link in the text (Easter Island), focus is switched to new tab.
exampole 2:

same thing, click on link in text, and focus is on new tab

example 3:

if u click with MMB on the link where say “HGspot zatvorio dućane” (its the main news placeholder, changed often, so i dont know how long it will last)

U get new tab with that link, and active tab is also opening that link, same as left mouse click (u you get 2 identical tabs)

CD version 11.4
AdBlock - 2.4.9
FB Photo Zoom - 1.1105.7.2
FlashBlock - 0.9.31
Linkification - 1.51
Praktične oznake (bookmark button) - 0.8.9
Smooth Gestures - 0.15.2
Speeddial 2 -
Zoom -

Windows XP sp3 32bit
installed on C:\program files\comodo
admin user

sometimes when I click on link with MMB, new tab is opened, but the page that I’m on, also open that link
so basically I end up with two tabs with the same page.
my middle mouse button is - open link in new tab (standard action I guess)

another behavior (im new user :)) is that on some pages, clicking link with MMB is the same like left click
it opens link in actual tab
Happens to me all the time on [/s]

Please read this thread on how to submit a bug report.

How to Submit Bug Reports (read this if you want them fixed)

should I start new thread?
or continue in this one?

No need to start a new thread. Just edit your first post with the relevant data mentioned in the post I linked. :slight_smile:

As for example 1 and 2.
The same behavior is present in Chrome:

  • In case of default html link (that is opened in the same window with lmc) - mmc opens link in new tab, but doesn’t give a focus.
  • In case html link with target=“blank” (that opens link in new tab with lmc) - mmc opens link in new tab and gives it a focus.

example 3:
Can’t reproduce this. Can you with latest Dragon version?