This may not be the place to post this and I may get pinged by the moderator-but has anyone ever had any satisfaction with a problem through Microsoft help & support? Just trying to navigate your way through their maze of unhelpful problem solving indexes is simply a joke! Won’t bore you with detail but after a recent “update” (IE7 I think) some programmes would not function properly. Their response was to contact the supplier of the computer!? As we say here in NZ they are as much use as t**s on a bull! I swear every time one of their infamous updates is installed something ceases to function properly. I get more help from my email spam filtering technician. BTW he and other IT technicians have the same opinion as myself about Microsoft. Just my 2p worth but it would be interesting to see what experiences others have had.
Regards Gordon

Never have I gotten an issue resolved from MS support…

I use to collect malware samples and a long time ago I tried calling them up to get information on how to submit malware to them so they can add it to detection for Windows Live One Care (when it was at the end of the beta cycle and days from being released), or Windows Defender or even Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, but they didn’t even know where to go let alone who for me to speak to, I ended up going in circles with them until I just gave up.


As my dear dad would say: Microsoft help & support is about as much use as a backside pocket on a vest!