Microsoft XP & BOClean

I have just started to get this message from Microsoft XP that it’s stopped BOClean from accessing the memory should I check the box for BOClean to access?

Thank you.

If it’s DEP firing off on yours, then you’ll want to permit BOClean to modify itself … it does do that although it shouldn’t be raising any complaints. And BOClean, being largely a memory scanner, also needs to have a good sniff at other things as well …

Thanks for the reply yes it was DEP I have installed BOClean many times & never did see this message from XP also Internet explorer is in there but unchecked I just wanted to make sure the programme BOClean is running ok & to see if any one else had this. I cancelled 3 alerts but on the forth I decided to allow BOClean.


Can you please recall any changes you recently made regarding XP.
I’ve never seen that too and I am not seeing it now ???
That thing shouldn’t just appear from nothing… Have you install something ?..
except …SP3, which was postponed (:WIN) … but still available for download… Hehe!


I’ve seen that before. There are several hardware and software variations of DEP, and it also requires a DEP-aware CPU/motherboard for it to fire up. Depending on what’s there, whether it’s 32 or 64 bit and other variables, sometimes it can get a bit TOO “protective” and spot BOClean doing what it’s supposed to do. But DEP firing off as it’s reading through memory of other things, and in particular writing to BOClean’s own internally-allocated “scratch pad” can do that on the occasional machine. One of the most “interesting” things about Windows is that no two systems are exactly alike. :slight_smile:

I agree, about individuality of every System and I have such mobo and Hardware DEP was set “On” since day one.
The problem as it was described though (and therefore my Q) occurred “all of a sudden” for the same “individual”… and in order to make the individual look different something should’ve changed …new glasses? (:NRD) … hat? :P0l …different haircut? O0…
… gloves? (I’m running out of smilies here)

No changes have been made I Know DEP is set default I posted another topic about recently slow boot up times & tool bar items loading slow all 4 of them
That’s AOL connection Avast Comodo 2.5 & BOClean but once loaded the PC is very fast. I did have to update AOL Dialler.
& I deleted Avast tested-- BOClean tested— & Comodo tested— none of these were slowing boot up times. I done hijack this nothing that I can see there that’s at fault. I like to think it’s a clean ship I’m sailing on.