Microsoft XP 3

FYI it appears the XP3 program continues to have problems, my computer went into a continuous reboot mode, after numerous attempts at trouble shooting I uninstalled it.

They are offering yet another program that will block it from downloading to your computer (:CLP)

That was published in 2007. 88)

I am having no problems with SP3 - and it’s best to have the latest SP… Oh well, Everyone is different and Everyone’s PC is off course different! :wink:


That report came to me from Windows Secrets this morning and its true no two computers alike, here is the article in part…

Windows Secrets has been reporting problems with Windows XP’s Service Pack 3 almost from the instant the patch collection was first distributed. In fact, so many readers have contacted us with questions or complaints about SP3 - the last major update to Windows XP - that we’ve synthesized everything you need to know about this update in a single column.


Thanks Lee. Pretty interesting.