microsoft works s/sheet & DB failing with V4

System XP SP3 (32bit).After updating CIS from V3.9 to V4.0.135239 my database and spreadsheet applics in Microsoft Works 2000, both fail to initialise.
Presumed it was new sandbox feature but still failed when feature disabled.
Reinstalled MS Works from the CD but no good.
System Restore and reinstalled V4 but still faulty. Other MS Works features are OK.
My Laptop still running CIS V3.9 and MS Works is OK there, so I am not cast.

Love the new progress info on virus update screen.


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Hello hilced,

can you please add your MS Works program directory to the Defense+ My Own Safe Files and disable Sandbox? Restart CIS and see if this can help, thank you.


Yr advice did not help so more lateral tests showed Comodo not the problem - Thanks.
Got my spreadsheets modified for Excel format now laughing. Rgds.