Microsoft Word [Resolved]

Hi there,

I have been using Comodo Internet Security and been very happy with it. Thanks for making such a good product.

The only issue I’ve been having is when I enable Defense+ (to any setting other than disable), I am not able to open Microsoft Word documents when double-clicking the document from its root folder. If I open the Word application and then click Open and then open the file from there, it works. But not if I double-click from the Windows Explorer folder. If I disable Defense+, I can double-click the file and it opens without any issues.

Can someone guide me on how to rectify this bec I don’t want to keep Defense+ disabled?


Hi Palak and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Do you get any alert from Defense+ when double clicking the document?

Maybe you can try to add the Word application as a safe file? Defense+ → Common Tasks → My Own Safe Files → Add → Browse Files… and find the .exe file (or maybe even the whole Office folder to be sure).

Are you unable to open by dbl. click even in Training Mode of D+ ?
If so - then there’s some “preventing” Rule. Check D+ Rules more carefuly to find out anything about Word.exe

Yes, please check Defense+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy

That worked. Thanks!

OK, glad to hear that! I’ll mark the thread resolved and lock it. You can always get it opened again by sending a PM to any moderator.


Topic opened again as per request (:m*)

hi followed all the instruction but it did not help.

Hi, are you sure you’ve cleared all MS Office Defense+ rules? If so, please also check the Defense+ log in case there is any event there. Go to Defense+ | View Defense+ Events