Microsoft Vista and Scheduling [RESOLVED]


I have installed Comodo Backup version 1.0.3 on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium.
My user is Administrator and the ComodoBackupService is running. I have checked it in service.msc .
When I’ll try to create a new backup, the “Backup type” field is unselecting. I have programmed the scheduler but It doesn’t work at all. On the contrary, the backup starts if I manually run the task.
Someone can help me, please.

Thanks, Marco

Hi trallalesio

By “unselecting” do you mean you are unable to choose between user backup and service backup? If that is the case is seems like something was preventing a good install of the program. I do not have Vista, but Backup has been working well on the Vista machines of forum users.

Maybe a Vista user can give you some help on how they got it working.


Same problem here

Vista Home Premium user with an administrator account using Comodo backup 1.0.3.
The ability to change “backup type” is greyed out and not available. Clicking on “update” states I must have an administrator account or an account with administrator privilages … which I do. As a consequence I cant get the scheduler to work or Comodo to start with windows.

A solution to this problem would be appreciated.

  • Jonno

Can you please try something - right click on the Backup desktop icon and selexct “Run as” and configure it to run as adminstrator.

Let us know if this hepls,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes that has solved the problem - Thanks for your help.

For future reference:
Right click on the shortcut => properties => shortcut => advanced => run as administrator.

  • Jonno

OK> Glad to hear its working.

I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it. If you need it reopened, PM me or one of the other mods iwth the URL.

Ewen :slight_smile: