Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Hi All,

I have installed Microsoft Virtual PC and installed a Vista (RC1 ;D had it from the beta program) and I have realized I have no idea how to configure networking on it… Am asking this here as I am using CPF also and because ppl on this forum always try to help (:HUG)

Am making it clear this is not a CPF issue (yet) For now I have absolutely no idea how to make a Virtual PC connect to the Internet.

As a better picture: (host)
WinXP SP2 (MCE 2005)
2 network devices (+1 integrated modem) - I tend to use only one of them (the wireless) so the other could be assigned to VPC if such a thing needed
“freebox” adsl+ modem (no firewall and no router device used), would mention that the modem has router capabilities (not using it, mentioning just in case), the modem has built in wireless
I have a static IP (even though in this moment I have not configured the same, I always get this from the dhcp)

Other relevant info?

Thanks (:NRD)

BTW if this should have been posted in any other section please feel free to move it, just let me know where (:TNG)

There’s info here: MS Virtual PC 2007. Specifically you might look at the Word doc on using the virtual system, and I notice that they have a newsgroup under Support.

As far as how it connects to the internet, without any other relevant info, I’d suggest just to try it and see what happens… If it gets blocked, there will be a log entry we can work with. Surely tho, their support documents will say if there are specific ports, etc, that need to be set in the firewall…


If you select NAT as the virtual pc connection you won’t have any problem connecting.

Consider VirtualBox or VMware. Mature products that work very well. You just allow it on pop-up.
They’re both on the Freeware Collection here :slight_smile:

That’s actually what I was thinking, but since I haven’t used any of them, I didn’t want to just seem like I was steering people away from MS products… ;D


;D yes. Me neither… 88)
Pandlouk seems to be on top of things.
For Vista, keep Virtual PC if it works for you.

Virtual PC is the easiest one.
VirtualBox is the fastest one and probably the best of them because it supports multiple snapshots.
Vmware gives you the ability to convert your fisical machine in a virtual machine (with VMware Converter 3.0).

But all of them are great programs. :■■■■