Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 for free

Microsoft gives for free a full-registered version of Virtual PC 2004.

For more information follow the link:


I have heard of this software but didn’t really look into it, how much was it when it costed money?


I looked into it and saw different prices so I am guessing that it use to cost $129 USD. However I believe they are still selling the packaged version of the software but they are not charging to the download. I wonder if this software will remain free…

Yes it costed 129 USD. I think that it will remain free because microsoft intends to integrate it at windows vista (for combatibility issues with varius software). It is very easy to use. I think that it’s easier than vmware, but has less features than vmware and officially does not support linux(Suse 10.0 works fine with it).


Will it support Ubuntu, or Kubuntu?

I think the short answer is “Yes”. I’ve installed Ubuntu under it.

Remember, it is “officially support”… it would not be in MS’s best interest to market the product as supporting 3rd party OS’s… but it performs the same function of VMware in emulating a PC.


Here,s a link to OS that is supposed to work or not work using this program.


Well its ok it doesn’t matter really if it will support Ubuntu or not, I will give it a try and if it works GREAT if not oh well.

Anyone know if they will make the OS X version free of charge also?

No thanks, Windows gives me enough problems, I don’t need virtual problems to go along with it.
Honestly , I have used VM for quite some time and found it to be a system hog and yes i suppose it’s everyone’s preference, I simply never have or will like it. I mean, it’s OK but nothing I wanted to keep around. Also, Kubuntu and Ubuntu, what’s the story on these? I downloaded Kubuntu, burned the iso, but it won’t install on any pc, keeps getting setup errors. I downloaded it twice , two diff places same error (don’t recall specifically) but it was to a wiped 30 gig HD and an 80 gig. it starts to install and says it can’t continue and quits. Is this a common problem? I am not big into kubuntu or Ubuntu yet so I didn’t bother searching all forums etc…but if it won’t install, it’s hard to get interrested. Either way, is it better than Fedora, etc…,? User friendly , compatible with many things? Thanks. ARg, why can’t Comodo come up with an OS? it would probably work better than most. Hey… :wink:


Does this help at all?

macOS Ventura - Apple

I saw this as I found myself working on a Mac this week and now know a lot more about Macs than I thought I would learn. Typically i’m pc but anyway, ran across this.


Lol don’t think I want to buy it :slight_smile:

Then you B S.O.O.L. At least for the time being. I searched and found nothing free for Mac use as far as Virtual Machine goes. There is VMware which may allow you to run Virtual Machine, don’t know but check here, it may work if not, don’t shoot the messenger, lol.

VMware Workstation Player | VMware

MS is supposedly working on something with Mac for the 2007 version I guess. If these two start scheming , look out. :o

BTW , VM player is free.


Lol I don’t own a Mac :P. Am downloading VM Ware Player will see how it is and if I like it I may keep it. Thanks for the info.

This JUST - IN,

Justin, you confuse me to no end. Could be my mistake here, but when someone asks about a free Os X version, typically it’s because , THEY OWN A MAC!!! LOL. ;D I recall you have a presario, was it? Probably wrong but when you asked about MS liscense, you had mentioned a pc if I remember correctly. Ok so you don’t own a mac, so don’t worry about VM. I am not a big Mac user but I do know that OS X is in fact Mac or iMac or whatever. You said you don’t wan’t to pay for it, so I assumed you weren’t happy with Mac not having the free MSVM. So you know what?

Do whatever you like, you freak! :o lollll, (kidding)

Take care,


Hi Paul,

Lol No I do not own a Mac, and I won’t tell you my system because it is in my signature :P. Lol no I was wondering if Microsoft was going to give away the Virtual PC version for Mac for free as well, I may be getting a job and with my job I would get a free Apple Notebook and of course it would have OS X on it. Actually it was just out of interest so ya maybe I am a freak (lol) nope I won’t buy it because I don’t need it and I don’t own a Mac (yet). Lol did I confuse you more, or did I clear the clouds over your head?

Nope, loud and clear now. Wasn’t sure where you were going with this but I do now. (Phew!)
I don’t think MS is putting out a free Mac version and as a matter of fact is working with Mac for the 2007 version. Who knows. I don’t like Apples and Windows working together. But to answer the best I can , I don’t think it will , not this version, not for free.


Well I don’t think Microsoft will make Virtual PC for Mac free either, but only time will tell.

The VM should work just fine for now. I talked to the kid who I had fixed his Mac and he uses it and says it runs Windows VM fine. Just thought i’d let you know.