Microsoft Virtual Mini Port

There is a new adapter in my network connection Microsoft Virtual Mini Port. I dont know where it came from but I guess windows updates. But since it appeared wireless connection is not working. Wired Connection is working. My wireless connection is not shown under connection & manage wireless connection. I tried uninstalling & disable Microsoft Virtual Mini Port but still my wireless connection is not shown. And Microsoft Virtual Mini Port returns back after uninstall.

Win 7 64

Any help to get my wireless connection working again?

Virtual Mini Port is to enable your wireless card to work as a virtual card to connect to another network or used to create something like a wi-fi hotspot.
Can you not go into Control Panel ->Network and Sharing Center->Change Adapter Settings->Youy should see it there where you can right click and disable and you should be able to see and enable your wireless card.
Make sure to turn off ICS for your card if your not using it.


I uninstalled it but it returned back. I disabled it. My wireless network card is enabled but my wireless network is not showing up so that I can connect to it.

Other nearby wifi networks are shown but not my wireless network.

What should I do now?

Did you change your router’s setting to not show your SSID anymore?

I didn’t changed anything. The day Microsoft Virtual thing appeared wireless network is not shown.