Microsoft, very annoying.

Installed an antique program to view a picture format that I haven’t seen before. To run the program, ntvdm.exe from Microsoft (I’m running XP) was started - according to Google search it’s needed to run old programs.

Guess what happened when I had closed the picture viewer, and also uninstalled it? I’ll tell you; Microsoft’s ntvdm.exe was still running, and this wasn’t enough - it insisted on getting Internet access. Why on earth would such a program has to access the internet? It’s typical Microsoft, like explorer.exe and svchost.exe that wants access all the time. Very annoying. I don’t care if it’s white listed, as long as it doesn’t need access to perform a Windows update, it shouldn’t even try to “hijack” IE or Firefox.


NTVDM(NT Virtual Dos Machine) is complete sh*t and does nothing good.

If you want to run old games and applications you should try the DOS emulator, DOSBox, it’s good for running old games and applications.


I use it myself and it’s very good for emulating old DOS programs.
I’ve only used it for games tho, but you might try it.


Why is it so bad?

Thanks for the tip, though I’ll never use that old image viewer again. Also, I didn’t even realize how old it was, until it was too late and ntvdm had already started.


It’s supposted to run DOS applications, but most of them won’t run with NTVDM.
NTVDM will just display some error message and close…


Nothing comes near DOSBox for emulating a DOS virtual machine, not even installing DOS on Virtual PC.

OK, I see.

Anyway, really annoying that every MS application (like the one mentioned, svchost, explorer…) tries to steal band width, spy or whatever its intention is. It’s unbelievable. A quick access once in a while to check for updates, that’s OK, but I really don’t like the behavior of ntvdm.exe. As well as many other non-MS programs…