microsoft updates stopped working

hi i have just started using comodo firewall and antivirus products on my laptop…not sure if this is causing my problem…but since i installed comodo i can not use the microsoft update service…i just get an error code ,Error number: 0x8024402C i have tried using microsofts help page but this did not help…i installed the comodo products on my sisters laptop and now she can NOT use microsoft updates either,? same error code … Error number: 0x8024402C… anyone help me PLEASE :THNK

Hi ler

Please check CFPs Log (Activity tab), if CFP blocked something then it will be listed in there. The entry will tell you which CFP component performed the block & what was blocked.

Also please check the file WindowsUpdate.log in C:\WINDOWS and look at the last entries, it will give a detailed reason for the Windows Update failure.

hi kail
thank you very much for your help…thanks to you i have sorted it…i was blocking scvhost… oh what a fool i am…cheers mate :BNC

Hi ler (:WAV)

No problem, most of us have done the same thing at one point.