Microsoft Update with Comodo Firewall


I am new to Comodo Forums and would just like to say (L) (R)

Way better than zone alarm!

But I seem to have trouble with Microsoft Update!

Each time when microsoft update checks for updates, it just says there… with th bar working. After 10 minutes… I knew something was up.

I turned off Comodo Firewall and tried. It only took 2 minutes to find the updates and go to the next page! What should I do?

Joshua (S)

Hi Joshua. Welcome to your forum.

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Thank you Soya (:CLP), one link helped me:

It told me to make some rules in the Network Monitor Section.

Thankyou Very Much! :SMLR

Joshua (L)

Really? Hmm. AFAIK Windows Updates doesn’t require any Network rule tinkering…at most it’s just to delete any blocked svchost.exe Application rules. The link you referenced is actually the more complicated version. As long as you trust M$ and it works for you, that’s all that matters :wink:

This would mean that svchost is fully allowed, but the default NetMon rules have been changed in such a way as to exclude the MSUpdate connection…

Not uncommon when “tightening” firewall rules (since the default Allow TCP/UDP Out rule would otherwise take care of it).