Microsoft update problem

I installed the patch that fixes the URI problem and my firewall says to allow some components I was wondering if anyone here has had it ask for permission on certain components including shell32.dll. Also it said my Avast mail provider needs permission online but I know it was set to permit I checked the log and it said it had asked for permission on a certain component but it didnt come on screen in a pop up so I cant figure what its on about

I know its hard to understand but if anyone else has a similar experience then I can verify I’m handling it correctly

I posted over in Avast forums heres the link Avast mail scanner problem

Presumably, you’ve got IE7 installed. I haven’t bothered with that since I use Firefox 99% of the time. According to the Technet article for the URI patch, IE6 is not affected:

The firewall hasn’t thrown up any alerts for my system so far and the only indication that shell32.dll had changed was one from the AVG AV that I have installed.