Microsoft update just killed my CIS 6... :(

Well… The PC was working fine as always. Today just updated my system from the Microsoft update and on the restart CIS failed to start, no protection, don’t respond and errors. So something in the Microsoft update killed CIS 6 today or it had a conflict with my system.

Win7 64-Bit. Trying to re-install CIS 6 now… Will update how this goes :frowning:

I have no issues here Win7, x64 Enterprise.
Can you post your settings AV/FW/BB and HIPS?

I have Home Premium one. I had the same settings as in the Chiron’s guide only BB was on the untrusted level. I also lost all internet connection until I got rid of CIS.

I will do a detailed bug report I’m just in the process of getting my system back.

Me too…;msg646870#msg646870

No problems here with Windows 7 x64 Ultimate following the MS update.

Also all good here w7 home prem 64 bit

Thanks guys. So if you all fine… It’s not a bug? What was it? Do I still report it as a bug? Or what do I do to let Comodo know about this?

It was a Microsoft update which shut down CIS 100% sure of that. Can’t be anything else.

Hi Seany007,
Maybe an incompatible update causing some form of instability, only guessing. :-
From your update history can you research the updates that were installed immediately prior to this issue?

No you are absolutely right I think so as well the Q here is which one of them or maybe even few of them? I have no clue. Well that’s the thing all were installed in one go. Thank you.