Microsoft Update and FireFox 3.0

I just downloaded CFP 3.0, and I have two problems. First, I tried running Microsoft Update after I installed CFP, but found that an update to Microsoft Defender wouldn’t download (with error 0x800704C8, which I can’t find all that much help for on the Microsoft website. Do I need to add Microsoft Update to my safe list, and if so, how?
Second, is there (or will there soon be) aversion of the CFP 3.0 toolbar that will run under Firefox 3.0?

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Firewall/Common Tasks/Define a New Trusted Application - Add MS Update there.

Or Try Defense+\Advanced\Defense+ Settings and set to “Training Mode”- & Tell me if Windows Updates works then pls :slight_smile:

It does support FF 3, Just doesn’t show- We have a new toolbar out soon! :slight_smile:


It may have no bearing here in regards to your problem, but for scores of people having trouble updating with Microsoft, may I suggest checking out the following site,

A corrupted .DLL was my problem with updating from Microsoft. The very simple steps on this web site did the trick for me. There are scores of sites offering help on this problem, but I find the simple steps on rhis site was the easiest to understand and use.

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