Microsoft to Let Windows 7 Die Quicker than Windows XP

This isn’t right. Again Bad Microsoft :-TD

That is so wrong :frowning:
Windows 8 is the disaster originally predicted (based on their track record of good and bad OS).
Pushing it onto the world when the world does not want it is not good PR.

I know users rivert from 8 to 7 because important for them apps cannot work there.

+1. Thanks for the link. All should stay on Windows 7… Don’t you dare ppl going and using version 8 or beyond that! LOL! ;D 88)

You welcome, but sadly isn’t a great news.

Yeah no I’m not going to let that stop me from using Windows 8, I do however use Start8 with Windows 8 so I get the Windows 7 feeling I guess.

But no way in hell am I going back to Windows 7, that version of Windows has caused me countless amount of issues, all of which went away with Windows 8 and on-top of that a great speed boost.

I wonder how many times I’ve needed to completely re-install Windows 7 because of some issue that breaks the whole thing, for example explorer.exe deciding to completely die and never work again… or that one issue where the whole OS freezes indefinitely, or how about that one where Windows Operating System crashes almost every second :smiley: So many fun issues I can’t battle in Windows 8… because they simply don’t appear.

You can try and persuade me how much you want but I’d take Windows 8 +Start8 over Windows 7 any day, and for arguments sake if Windows 8 suddenly disappeared from the world, then I’d move to Linux even though I’ve had a lot of issues with it.

When I had Windows 7 I wished every day Microsoft would release a new operating system, and finally they did, and it was horrible, until you got a proper start screen. In my opinion Windows 8 isn’t bad, Modern UI is, and it is easy to avoid.

But then again I seem to be the only one who has had issues with Windows 7, perhaps it’s my Windows 7 disc that is cursed, I did lend it to a friend and he had lots of issues with Windows 7 too… But hey, if it works for other people then by all means use it, but don’t try to tell me what to do, thank you.

Edit: Opps… I guess that turned into a rant…

time to learn new OS 88)

Pardus? ;D

I think I’m going to try SteamOS ;D

Beep Boop Beep.
Sorry, I was not designed to process jokes. 88)

Microsoft to Let Windows 7 Die Quicker than Windows XP

Excellent! What is not excellent at all is that they didn’t let XP die several years ago. (XP is much less suited to be long-lived.) An increased development- and release-pace is much needed, as is a new business-model, if M$ wants to keep some users. I wouldn’t mind if they don’t. :a0

Well yes and no, think about it what if M$ decide to do this way every time they release a new OS, when they lunch W9, or W10 they will force user to buy a new windows every 2-3 years, this is the real problem the disrespect of users who pay every cent for their promise like before 10 years of extended supports.

The new business-model I am thinking of does not include selling licenses for software to users, at least not for private use. :a0 Competition will push M$ in that direction.

Strong point here, yes who knows. :-TU

It was more interesting when it was exclusively available in Turkish. 88)

ask Melih ;D maybe he will tell you about it :wink: it is an OS developed by goverment but now some volunteers developt it. “Pardus” will be OS of all Turkish PC :-TU

you can check here

I actually looked at Pardus maybe two years ago. But I don’t like KDE, and if I did, I would probably choose Kubuntu. :wink:

Pardus in Tureky, UbuntuKylin in China. :-TU 8) One Tux to rule them all. 8)

We should get as many people as we can to switch from windows 8 to 7.

So we still will get support until 2020. That seems long enough for me.

Windows 7 has been a huge success for good reasons and I tried Win 8 in a dual boot alongside 7 and didn’t notice any increase in speed at all. It seemed about the same to me. I am running 8 now on the older laptop that used to have XP but I use the Windows 7 skin of Classic Shell with it. With that, it looks and operates just like 7.

No, that’s the point why I’m not happy, they want to give up on extended support, and kill windows 7 sp1 on 2015. If this stuff will happen then imagine that the same thing will be happening with w8.1 in near futures.