Microsoft Small Basic and dual extensions

This seems to be a new problem with Comodo and Microsoft Small basic. I have been using small basic for some time now and have not had this problem before.

It seems that microsoft small basic creates a temporary executable as a part of running a small basic program.

These files have the naming convention of “tmp####.tmp.exe” and are created in

I am currently looking for a way to ignore sb.exe as a source of viriuses or to ignore that directory or to ignore that kind of error (Double extension)

I will also be bringing this up on the small basic forum.

What exactly is the problem? What does CIS or doesn’t it do? What alerts does CIS give?

It looks like Heur.Dual.Extension detection

In Antivirus Tasks > Common Tasks > Scanner Settings > Exclusion it would be possible to add a Exception:


This will disable detection of all files with that path/pattern.

Whereas Antivirus Tasks > Common Tasks > Scanner Settings ->Real-time Scanning \ Heuristics Scanning/Level : Off could be used disable all heuristic for the realtime module.