Microsoft Security Essentials

Hi Everyone
I see that today MS released their new " Microsoft Security Essentials ". My question is - is this an av or is it similar to Malwarebytes or Iobit 360. I am currently using Iobit 360 cause it is real time. I dont have any conflicts using CIS and Iobit together but not sure if I should give MSE a go or leave things the way they are. I also know that, if it is an av then, I can’t run the av component of CIS as well as MSE.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
shadha :comodo110:

Well if nobody responds and you decide to try it yourself, please report back on your own impressions/experiences. :slight_smile: I’m interested on if they work together without alteration. But, I believe it would be best to set both CIS & MSE to fully trust and/or ignore each other in as much as it is possible in each application.

Hi Kail,
I did a bit of research and found out that it is in fact an av. I have just done a complete format of my laptop and it is running perfectly so i wont be uninstalling CIS and installing MSE. I stuffed up my laptop last time cause I was installing and uninstalling this , that and anything else I could play with. Besides I am more than happy withn CIS and cant wait for the next big change with CIS 4. The only thing I really want to try out is Time Machine but will wait for it to come out of beta and Backup once it has usb bootability.

MSE works great on netbook and on my main system. It’s very simple and doesn’t really offer much to configure. It just works out of the box. And i actually like it even though i prefer to tweak everysthing myself.

How good it actually is? It looks quite promising. If the detection is goof I might switch to it from Avast.

look here

Video 1

Video 2

MSE works really well with Defense + and the firewall. No issues when i used it and the pop ups for MSE come up first stopping any Defense + alerts from showing for the same file.