Microsoft Security Essentials.

Came across the following link at Bleeping Computer and being very security conscious, I found it interesting. Has anyone tried this program and found any compatibility issues with Comodo. I use Comodo CIS v3.10.591 and use SAS, MBAM and A-Squared as on demand scanners. Any info on it very welcome.


More Information

Microsofts Website

So Far; It’s just like a regular AV Program with Real time and on demand features…

I would think it would be compatible with CIS.


Thanks for the reply Jacob,
You don’t think that the AV part of it would conflict with the Comodo AV?.


Its not good to have two “Real-time” scanners enabled at the same time. that being said; If you have “MSE AV” Enabled for Realtime then you should disable CAVS…
(Vice Versa)

Sorry for not implementing that philosophy.


Or just install the Comodo firewall and use the MS AV

It removes the defender program, which this one will replace, it does say to “remove” any other AV product as it may conflict. But as stated I think if you disable your AV and run it as on demand it may be OK. I have ZA suite right now and spyware terminator with the clam AV addon, and even set to integrate with ST with no conflicts.

I hope to try CIS v4 when it goes final some time down the road as I’d like to replace ZA anyway. I’m also going to install this Microsoft Security Essentials when its in final.

I installed it last night. I unticked all the real time protection and automatic updates and used my Auto-Runs program to untick the start up entries as I intend to use it as an on demand scanner along with SAS, MBAM and A-Squared. I noticed that there is an entry in Services for it called MsMpEng.exe and can see in Task Manager that it is the heaviest MEM user using 46,556K which is the heaviest user on my processes screen by a bit. In comparison with cfp.exe which uses 7,644K and cmdagent.exe which swings between 600-1200K. As I intend to use it as on demand scanner only, leaving CIS as my Firewall and AV protection, does anyone see any problems if I also unchecked the MsMpEng.exe entry in Autoruns?.

MSE was not available in my country. :frowning:

Not available here in the UK either Petit but I downloaded it here at the link to it at Softpedia which is available for anyone.

How strange, the version on softpedia is listed as being 4.7Mb in size and yet the version I have from Microsoft Connect is 7.51Mb

[attachment deleted by admin]

mssefullinstall-amd64fre-en-us-vista.exe: 3,72 MB (3 908 168 byte)
mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-vista.exe: 4,72 MB (4 958 768 byte)
mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe: 7,51 MB (7 876 240 byte)

Ah yes! silly me, I was looking at the version I downloaded for my wife’s XP notebook. I’d forgotten about the other version I downloaded a while ago, as I don’t use it on my system.

Thanks JoWa :slight_smile:

Oh really !
I’ll try it soon. :slight_smile:


the version you’ve downloaded from MS contains 2.81MB (7.51-4.7) of hidden malware in order to make a prove - it’s working ;D


Thanks SiberLynx, feed my neurosis, why don’t you :o :stuck_out_tongue: