Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft recently started installing its Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) free antivirus product via the Operating System update mechanism to computers which don’t already have an antivirus installed

An accident waiting to happen if you don’t already have an antivirus installed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen that before.

They should added it the incoming OS.

well to those that run without it because they don’t know its great but to those that run without because they are more advanced you should be looking to see what installs anyway

Well It’s good product update.
But MSE should be install as optional.

Hi Petit ,
Leaving aside all other issues - MSE is less than very ordinary product :wink:
My regards

But MSE is better than some of paid product too. 88)

thats’s true Petit

Siber, MSE is not as bad as that. In fact it is a very acceptable free AV.
Microsoft products (Windows up front) are not that bad as well.

Linux (in its various forms) is famous for security but…;post-2187

As to Mac…

I respect you knowledge (I know you from this and other forums) but some times you (and other tech saviour folks) take the forest for the trees.


Hi SG65,

I understand what you are saying,
but as a matter of fact our definitions: “very ordinary product” & “very acceptable free AV”
are pretty much close if not the same :wink:

I never told that MS Microsoft products are bad as a whole.
What I may’ve expressed re: some of their developments - that those for sure can be considerably better quality … “IF”… and we know few reasons for that (out of scope here)
They have a very strong and thorough methodology in testing (I know that from my own experience when participating in writing some Software for them), but still … so many holes in what we are using.

As for the trees … If there are a lot of them isn’t that a forest? The only hope - we will not be lost ;D

What is “As to Mac… “ ? Cheers!

“As to Mac”

They feel so very safe.
Their OS will never get corrupted.
Their machines will never get infected.

That’s what.

Regards Lynx.

Edit: of course thre is always the “Mac Experience” wich is one of the best Marketing sentences I’ve ever known.

"Mac Experience" wich is one of the best Marketing sentences I've ever known. They feel so very safe. Their OS will never get corrupted. Their machines will never get infected.

I once had a “Big Mac Experience” at McDonald’s

“With a Big Mac”

It didn’t look very safe.
My stomach felt corrupted.
My body got infected.

And the worst part was, I was back there 2 days later for another one :o (Now that’s real marketing)

Hahah! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Holly macaroni ! That was funny

Not a marketing, but rather “brainwashing”

As for the Mac / Linux viruses, which was discuses here before - that is only a matter of “that kinda marketing”
That is just bloody & fairly simple code … nothing else
You wanna target those OSes - no problems whatsoever! …

… MS is just an easiest target indeed, but not purely because it’s most popular System as many may think

As for eating any food by McDonald’s / KFC / Red bloody Rooster/ and alike junk outlets in a regular / “irregular” basis or any other reason…
I can tell you as bluntly as I can:
(I hope & I’m almost sure you will not get it wrong…agreed? ;))

Yes , so what I wanna tell bluntly? : Only pure degenerates can eat that ■■■■

Sorry, I cannot be more soft or “diplomatic” regarding the matter

What are you saying?.. Come again, please … “There are many of them?”
You’r right … but … Who cares, if they don’t care?

Finally, what about Mac viruses? Are they coming with fresh & very healthy salad now?
With some beetroot?
Sure, one cannot be “rooted” (if I may use French) by beet … but other stuff… good luck!


Only pure degenerates can eat that ■■■■

Oh my God, I’m a degenerate! :frowning:

I’ve heard Mac shortcut was a bit hard to press.
It takes to 3-4 button for. :frowning: