"Microsoft: Please Avoid Security Update KB2823324"

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You receive an Event ID 55 or a 0xc000021a Stop error in Windows 7 after you install security update 2823324

Microsoft is investigating behavior where systems may not recover from a restart, or applications cannot load, after security update 2823324 is applied. We recommend that customers uninstall this update. As an added precaution, Microsoft has removed the download links to the 2823324 update while we investigate.

Dont blame our Lovely Comodo for any inconvenience - Kaspersky , G= buster & manny others heavily afected .

Even you dont experience any problem Mircosoft recommendet to uinstall the last update.

here that info You receive an Event ID 55 or a 0xc000021a Stop error in Windows 7 after you install security update 2823324 - Microsoft Support

:-La Recommendet after uninstaling to clean the system with Comodo system utilitys

1 - run registry cleaning

2 - after that run system cleaning .

to be sure all roots & registry are clean .

Thanks for the heads up Costerin. :slight_smile: :-TU

I do believe this only occurs on Windows 7 32 bit machines!!

As per Tom’s hardware

I got a BSOD earlier and I have Windows 7 64bit.

The article name is; “Microsoft: Please Avoid Security Update KB2823324” on Tom’s Hardware

I got rid of this update just in case. But on my system if I use Avast 8 with Comodo Firewall I get BSOD on restart. Do you get BSOD on restart only?

Yes only on restart, but so far things are ok since I uninstalled the windows update.

I had no problems on Win 7 64 but I uninstalled the update anyway. I just wanted to avoid any trouble.

OMG… It’s not down to windows update. It’s down to Avast. You will only get BSOD on restart on Windows 7 64-Bit (I don’t know if Comodo Firewall somehow conflicts with Avast). Many users complained about this… Avast still can’t fix this…

I got the same bsod on startup for all my computers installed with Avast8 & Comodo Firewall V5 or V6 on Win7 64bit, this is not related to the window update, its avast 8 problem with comodo. Since avast can’t fix it, i am now using full Comodo CIS including the AV.Problem Solved.

Even with version 5? This is bad. That’s what you get when you rush the product like Avast did.

Well, Avast 8 and Comodo 6 are working fine for me, I only got the BSOD after the windows update and haven’t had a problem since I uninstalled it.

The BSOD won’t occur all the time on reboot with Avast issue. It will look like Avast getting on with Comodo fine. Well you had to restart Windows anyway after the update. The only way to find out for sure is to check the dump file.

I never got those updates. hopefully are other computers don’t have it.

Oh dear, I got another BSOD today when booting up, I hope this problem gets sorted.

Welcome to the club LOL! Yeah. I still have no clear picture if Avast is going to fix this or not?

this topic is about Microsoft updates not avast. please stay on topic

MS have released a new fix

Anybody had issues with this one so far? LOL! >:-D

Had no problems with both of the updates.