Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1 blocks all incomming Traffic

I’m using the latest CFP on Vista Ultimate X64 without SP1 until installing Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1 without Problems.
After installation of MS Network Monitor I tried out my local network PC’s and monitor them with MS Network Monitor and everything works fine before rebooting Vista.
Now after rebooting Vista I cannot connect from my local network to the Vista machine.
Looking with MS Network Monitor the packages are reaching the PC, but I had to disable the CFP to connect to the shares opened on the Vista Box.

Additional I tried two Virtual Machines (MS VirtualPC) running on the Vista box using the shared network card. They cannot see each other as long as the CFP is enabled. Traffic works normal as soon the CFP is disabled.

Who can help ?
Greetings from German, chris

if anyone can verify
We can post this to bugs & bugszilla


Thanks Chris