Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM)

I have tested CPF with dozens of softwares and had no problems and it resisted to six leak tests. The only exception went with an brazilian bank that needs the use of MSJVM software to access it’s home page, who’s “shutdown” the CPF. This problem is only with CPF and this bank! No other 33 bank home pages or 12 security softwares suffers this fail. May you help me?


Can you describe the problem in more detail pls?

I am facing the same issue here, probably the same bank. I’ve been using CPF for over a month and this is the first site I found to force it to close. When you visit the site using IE
you receive a msg that “CPF is going to be closed. If you are updating it press yes otherwise press no.”
Curiously, when visiting the site with Firefox (ver it forces the browser to close as well (but CPF continues working. When using IE only CPF closes) . In the past (before installing CPF) I used to access the site w/o problems using Firefox. However, I’m not sure if they did any change lately.
By the way, on IE, as long as you’re logged to the bank site, you won’t be able to restart. CPF…

I’m running Window XP Pro, SP2

Any clues?



I might be wrong here… but if you’re using WinXp, wouldn’t it be the fact that the MSJVM doesn’t exist anymore be the problem?

[QUOTE]The MSJVM is not included with Windows XP SP1a, Windows XP SP2, Windows Server™ 2003, or any future Microsoft software.

I’d suggest downloading the JRE from Sun and trying that website again.

Actually I think the problem is not directly related to the MSJVM… I faced that when I had a Mac, but I could still log in the Bank Home page. The MSJVM problem only happened when you started to load the security applet.

BTW, I have the JRE installed on my machine… as I mentioned, I could access the bank either with Firefox or IE before. NOw I’m stucked to IE and w/o CPF.

A friend of mine suggested that somesort of bank security system is “in tune” with the CPF, that is why the program asks if you’re updating or uninstalling it.

Any clue? Did you try to visit the bank page? Any results?



Do you need to login to replicate the problem or should it happen just by visiting the posted URL?

A friend of mine suggested that somesort of bank security system is "in tune" with the CPF, that is why the program asks if you're updating or uninstalling it.

I think CPF may always say that when something else (other than Launch Pad maybe?) tries to shut it down. However, IMHO the message alone does iindicate something is wrong.

Yes. I agree. Something is trying to close CPF while you are banking. Can you pls download the latest beta and retry. The latest BETA will also show the guilty application which tries to close CPF. It is available at,1216.0.html

Hi Egemen,

Sorry for the delay, but I was away w/o a decent internet connection.

I donwloaded the Beta version of CPF and I could access the bank site smoothly. No warnings, no signs, and the CPF kept working the whole time…

Would you take a chance trying to guess what is the conflict between the oficial version and the bank site (that doens’t happen with the Beta)?