Microsoft issues warning about critical IE hole

It is hard to determine which way would turn out with less security holes.
Maybe it’s just my favouring Opera that’s making me think this.
I would say that Chromium is more secure as an open source project because it runs the browser in a sandbox unless you open a file manually.

Do you realize that not having source code doesn’t really mean much? Most “security researchers” are very fast at reading assembly code, plus the fact that you don’t have to look through the entire program if you want to find vulnerabilities. Take for example, drivers. Most non-device drivers have only one point of communication with user-mode programs, which is I/O control. That’s all you have to look at.

I would say that Chromium is more secure as an open source project because it runs the browser in a sandbox unless you open a file manually.

I don’t understand what you’re saying. What does being open source have to do with the sandbox? And doesn’t IE have “protected mode”?

What I don’t like about Chromium browser is there is no way I can find to import my favorites from any other browser this means I have to start from scratch and that is for the birds. At least Opera browser and Firefox allows you to import your favorite from each other.

The figures I quoted were from Microsoft own pole about a year or year and half ago. So answer me this why does IE can use Active X and Microsoft own update web page uses it that is why Firefox can't be use on Microsoft update page because Firefox don't use Active X and Microsoft does.

I am not sure to understand what you say.

Active X is definitely a IE proprietary object, and can’t therefore be integrated in any other browser.
I am personally very happy with that (denying this risk because i am unable to read whatever Active X).

But, of course, remains the issue of Microsoft Update (altough i am not sure that, since as said Microsoft allows Active X, Microsoft Update should be anymore the “Holy Bible” of security than the security updates of whatever security software).

Even using FF (and probably Opera, i have no competence about it), no one keeps you to manually download Microsoft Updates relevant to YOU (most are totally useless), or to use, even if i don’t advocate for it, the appropriate FF plugin.

The most secure browser right now is Chromium, at the last blackhat convention every browser; IE, firefox, opera and safari was cracked really fast. Only chromium survived.

I think I messed up on my wording of that.

I am pretty sure that you can just run an add on to allow you to open a page in internet explorer so you could go to the microsoft update site and get the updates then get out of IE mode.

It’s under personal stuff in the settings tab of chromium.

And has been exploited by viruses and spyware from the beginning. So when using IE I was told to try to close one of IE holes is to deactivate Active X because it is one of IE most exploited weaknesses.

They got out of IE’s protected mode? That’s interesting…

All browsers have flaws. I do think IE gets the raw end of the deal sometimes. We should show some respect towards MS for putting it out in the open when they have a problem they don’t try to hide it, so because its out thier it gets talked about and because it gets talked about it gets noticed. I am not saying IE is more or less secure it is just that if they have a problem we all get to hear about it. I do think anti MS people knock MS for bias reasons, do you really think a Company would have grow so big if it was so bad. And as far as Security is concerned IE most likely has more user adjustable settings than any other browser. We are all bias sometime in our life, but don’t let it rule your thoughts. Kind regards.

Every person that I know that uses IE has often problems with viruses and spyware, while I heard nothing yet from people using other browsers (like firefox).
Just saying…

To many setting mean bloat of Internet Explorer. And Microsoft as far as I know of never invented anything on it’s own. They either bought it or stole it from others. What you see is a company built on others hard work. Windows itself in any form wouldn’t have been except for they stole the main idea of the interface from Mac. And yes Mac did sue but they took there time to bring the law suit and most of there case was thrown out because of to much time had laps so Mac drooped the little the court didn’t throw out so there. There main empire built from a theft of another company. And as far as I know Wal-Mart is the biggest retail store in the world and if you ask the average person do they handle quality stuff most will say no just as most people who use Microsoft products and try anything else ask them if Microsoft makes quality software and most will say no. If they do come out with one that is half way decent it is most often hard to figure out and full of bugs at first. And overly bloated as Internet Explorer is.

Correlation does not imply causation.

Maybe those who are using Firefox are more computer literate than those who are using IE?

Microsoft does make quality software. Here’s some reasons why people think otherwise:

  1. Microsoft has stupid policies and is generally evil.
  2. Windows has many more users than other OSes, therefore more malware is written for Windows.
  3. Windows has many more third-party drivers than other OSes, therefore more BSOD-causing drivers are written for Windows.

IE is an exception, for both its lack of adherence to web standards and the general security-unawareness of their programmers. But this is changing, so we’ll have to see what happens when IE 9 is released.

I guess you are unaware that Apple stole the idea from Xerox? Both the GUI OS concept, and if I remember correctly, the mouse. 88)

and in the end there are only two OS’s. Unix ( linux and apple osx are derived from it) and Windows.

IE probably does have the highest rate of Malware problems, but also the highest rate of users. As far as ratio goes IE is still on the lower end in the Malware to number of users. I also notice if someone gets Malware using IE they are all to quick to blame IE, but if they get Malware using other Browsers they will blame something else like thier AV program or Windows itself. Just my thoughts. Kind regards.

In fact by Microsoft own spokesman they have not made the market share they were hoping for outside the North America Continent and unless you are saying most of the people in this world live in the North America then you are wrong Windows isn’t the Majority used operating system world wide only 1 continent and a few scattered user else where. Linux seems to have the lead in Europe and Windows comes in second also most gamers prefer Linux. So Windows isn’t the majority used operating system of the whole world.

I was not saying Windows was the most used operating system, I was saying IE is the most used browser within Windows.

But it does have very powerful security measures

Think what you want anyone who really knows is using anything but IE.