Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Certificate Errors

First let me say this thread is not a criticism of Comodo. I’m starting here only because Comodo is a respected provider of Security programs and could point me in the right direction if Comodo’s settings have no bearing on Explorer’s Certificate Errors. I’m on Windows XP Pro with an up-to-date AV from Comodo which I could give the version of if I could find where their “About” button hides.

MS’s Explorer 8 hounds me mercilessly with Certificate Errors. I’ve gone into the Security Settings and attempted a variety of settings which various websites report will work (not). I’ve added every site to my “Trusted Sites” which you would think Explorer might actually honor (not). I’ve hacked Explorer’s Host files with “solutions” that are reputed to work (not). And finally I’ve downloaded 3 or 4 Free “Certificate Repair” tools which I have not yet installed because I don’t know if they’re AdWare.

I use Explorer 8 only when I have to interact with a Microsoft Website (including MSDN, Technet, Hotmail, Live and others) because I seem to have less grief from them if they detect that I’m using their bloody browser. I hate Explorer, and have always avoided it because it leaks like a sIEve. I also never permit any of my computers to use MS Automatic Update.

What I’m really after is some widget that can run in the background and silently update my Certificates — if that’s where the problem lies — and if that is not the source of Explorer’s unceasing Certificate Errors, silently fix it and keep on fixing it so I’m not hounded with errors on those rare occassions when for watever reason I have to use Explorer.

Thank you and I’ll look forward to your replies & links.


Does the problem with the web sites also happen with other browsers? Can you please check?

I would not expect to CIS to interfere with certificates. Updates for certificates for IE are distributed by Windows Update under Optional Updates. Please make sure you have installed them.

Does your CIS version look like this (v5.x):

or like (v6.x):

or like (v7.x):

Yes! although I get my most grief from Microsoft domains.

I don’t use Internet Security because I have enough problems with Certificates. :-\ Here is my AV GUI. Please note: I circled the 25 Unrecognized files because no matter how I go into Comodo to perform maintenance (one only is deletable, ~tmp; the rest are trusted) Comodo ignores my settings.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Did you check Windows update to see if you have all updated certificates? That’s a mandatory first step in trying to analyze this problem. Is this a legal or illegal version of Windows?

To see what version you’re using click on the question mark in the upper right corner and choose about.

When in Unrecognised files you can use the Purge function to let CAV delete the entries that are no longer valid because the file was deleted. See the second image on this page for reference.

Did you try moving the files you trusted to Trusted Files? Can you describe in more detail what you did?