Microsoft forcing a ping??

It possible it’s never run on your computer because of the ‘conditions’ of the task…

Just an fyi :

Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant - was turned back ON… about 24 hrs ago… to test if a ping goes out.

Nada Pings in log… in this 24 hr test.

Did you trigger something that uses Live ID Sign-in? Live messenger for example?

Check your Defense+ logs to see if it has anything about another executable trying to execute ping.exe.

Hi all,

Got that same thing happening here. What’s funny about it is that Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 didn’t catched a single frame pinging while i’ve left my system running on its own…

Don’t know what that means, got both, comodo logs as well as the aforementioned netmon capture file…


Was the ‘ping’ allowed or blocked? If blocked or unanswered, network monitor will not have seen it as it didn’t happen.

Yeah fool me of course… Was unanswered because I’ve been back to sleep =)