Microsoft Firefox - That's dementia or desperation?

Browsing through the Internet, they see what I found:
Microsoft Firefox

It has insane people for everything!

That’s dementia or desperation?


Might be a spyware site, my dear friend?

From what I remember, it’s a hoax/joke site not a spyware site.

are you surrrrre you want to exclude M$ out of the spyware classification? ;D

He’s obviously gone mad.

Pardon me

But that’s what millions of people will think now.



Hi, friend!

The site not, the software I’am still analyzing.

You it saw link to download?

It belongs to the Google! ;D

Soya, I beg your pardon! (link removed)

You’re borderline breaching forum policy:

Live Malware. Comodo is in the business of helping secure the internet, not propagating malware. Thus, it is not the appropriate place to attach or link live malware (viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc) to posts.

This proves that XP firewall provides at least some protection.

The burglars only took the first half of the house :smiley:

I knew it!

I always suspected that Google toolbar is spyware. Is it? ;D

This site is just a joke, and the file downloaded is just IE 7.


The executable main it’s formed by:

advpack.dll (ADVPACK)
GT.exe (Google Toolbar Installer)
ieakcust.dll (IEAK Installer for IE Setup)
iedkcs32.dll (IEAK branding - Microsoft Internet Explorer)
inseng.dll (Install engine)
Urlmon.dll (OLE32 Extensions for Win32)
Wininet.dll (Internet Extensions for Win32)

*** install.inf, INSTALL.INS and setup.inf

Then I was correct to quote the forum policy on the malware upload prohibition because running IE is not much different; you’re bound to get infected sooner or later. :smiley: