Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit - EMET

I am currently using Microsoft’s “Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit” (EMET version 2.0) parallel to Comodo Defense+ with the following settings:

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) - Always ON
Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection (SEHOP) - Application Opt Out
Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) - Application Opt In

I have noticed the system slowing down a little. Am I doing everything right? Is there something I need to take care of? Kindly explain.

I’ve just come across EMET and I have it running on my Windows 7 box alongside CIP now. I’m using the EMET “Recommended Security Settings” -

DEP - OptIn
ASLR - OptIn

I’ve added a bunch of non-MS apps to EMET and had to configure some options off for some to get them to run at all. But I’ve not noticed any slowdown.

I did start out with the EMET “Maxium Protection” options that you have but found way too many apps not running properly or even at all so backed down to the “recommended” settings.

I’m a little puzzled about which apps to add to EMET so basically I’ve added iexplore.exe and firefox.exe and most non-MS apps.

I suppose every little helps…?

Tony C.