Microsoft bypasses Comodo firewall?

I may have looked wrong, but I am pretty sure that Windows was able to do an automatic update, while my firewall was set to “Block all”. Have anyone else seen this, or was it just a mirage?

That should not be the case. From what Ive seen Windows Update does its traffic through svchost.exe and when I do not allow svchost to connect my Windows Update fails. So I would be quick to say that Block All traffic would indeed stop it. If it did not stop it, then you could have an issue similar to what I just experienced. Block All would not block anything because Comodo for some reason could not see the traffic. I would just verify that Block All does stop traffic and call it a day.

The default firewall rules do allow for Windows updates, however, if you had chosen to block all firewall traffic the update should fail (image) You can easily check by placing the firewall in block all mode and running a manual update.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Have anyone else experienced the same as smithjw1982 (intermittently the block all, does not block anything)?
I normally use the network settings to block the network during defragmentation, so I have no experience with the “block all” function.

When the “block all” function was not working for me, it was not intermittent. It would not work at all. So we understand you… Is the issue you are having that the “block all” function only intermittently blocks traffic?

Unfortunately I don’t know. It happened on my notebook and a friend has borrowed it until next week. I could of course try it here on my desktop, but that doesn’t make sense. I must wait until the notebook is returned.