Microsoft backs Flash

Do you mean as netflix? A paid service instead of ad based?

I really don’t have anything against normal ads that doesn’t track, however I hate the kind of ads that have flashing text or moving images, and since I haven’t found a way to block only the annoying ads I have decided to block all ads. Though I also block ads because they could introduce malware.

Are you implying that all distributions of linux allows this?

This isn’t located in the desert…

My mistake I haven’t visited :wink:
I see it nestled in a desert in my minds eye, to be honest I don’t even know if Utah has a desert although I would hazard a guess it does.
If your familiar with the state I imagine I made quite a glaring mistake.
I would love to visit Utah that is not the centre :o be some change to wet n cold England.

Are you refering to the W7 NSA backdoor ?

As far as any one knows AES256 and Bruce schneider’s blowfish 1024 haven’t been cracked…yet, so I’m happy my VPN and FDE are safe.
One of the purposes for the Data centre in Utah are to record all encrypted comms for decryption when they are cracked.
Anything uber sensitive and I would obviously avoid Windows prefering a live CD with a enforced Tor connection, something like Whonix or Tails.
If anyone wants to spend there lifetime trying to ■■■■■ that there welcome to try :wink:

No, not a glaring mistake. :slight_smile:

It’s just tucked up against some mountains on what used to be the runway of a military training base. There tends to not be much scenery around runways.

Yes, Utah is pretty dry and has deserts. And there are military bases in some of them where they ■■■■ up all manner of nasty things… Dugway Proving Ground

Thanks for the link and your not kidding about nasty stuff It reminds me of Porton Down here in the UK Porton Down - Wikipedia
Not sure we had a vial of VX go awol though :o
No good secret base has to have the mandatory UFO connection also -

"Numerous UFOs have been seen and reported in the area in and around Dugway...[military aircraft can't account for] all the unknowns seen in the area. It might be that our star visitors are keeping an eye on Dugway too...[Dugway is] the new area 51. And probably the new military spaceport.”  :)

Two different problems on different playgrounds requiring different measures to try to tackle it. The one does not diminish the other.

And speaking of privacy concerns CISPA is back and we all should act ASAP now I’m not sure if anyone brought this up cause I was lightly skimming through this post, but I agree full heatedly we need better privacy laws in place. ;D