Microsoft and the million PCs Corporations have that still run XP

I made a comment about this last week in another post, on how many corporations that are running XP prefer the mouse and keyboard and frown on the touch screen.

I could be wrong but I thought I heard (on the radio),that Microsoft will be coming out with an update for Windows 8 later this spring that will add better mouse and keyboard controls.

That is one step in trying to win back those corporate customers.
But can Microsoft add " Compatibility Mode " for XP, in Windows 8 ?

Corporate customers not only have the cost of upgrading every Operating System, but now also software on those systems.

And if they are Very Lucky not all the PCs will need to be replaced, but updated (converted).

Which direction those corporations go in the next 6 months will show us if Microsoft has stumbled or if any "enhancements / downward compatibility, they make to Windows 8, keeps them in the lead for Operating Systems used?

Wonder what happened to the Team at Microsoft that was responsible for XP ? Every Operating System has had problems but that Team had forethought, and planning for the corporate customer. The Windows 8 Team touted here it is, it is new, it is Great, Use it !


Here is what 641 organisations said in an online survey that they were planning to do: Windows XP support ending, but many organizations will stick with OS ( :wink:

Thank you for the article.

Currently Linux was the only other OS that was mentioned. Mac and maybe even Android could be players in the next 6 months.

IF, as I heard, Microsoft will be improving external mouse and keyboard support this spring, And IF Microsoft can establish a smooth compatibility mode for XP with Windows 8, Microsoft may win over many of these Corporations. Compatibility mode would allow them to run their current software and allow them to upgrade software as they need

With so many XP machines in the Corporate computer world, these 2 strategic moves should keep Microsoft in the lead for desktop platforms in the Corporate Market Place, (For Now).
If they don’t their desktop and corporate dominance will slide even faster.
Who will be the #2 player Linux, Mac, or maybe Android Or ? and how fast will they grow?

Since I still have XP and starts faster that Vista and Windows 7, I eventually will need to spend the money I don’t have.

Besides my 2 comments as to what Microsoft needs to do, why is Windows 7 preferred to Windows 8 and why is Windows 8 better than Windows 7 ??


OS X was mentioned, but only planned by 1 %. OS X requires new, and quite expensive, hardware (from Apple).

It’s interesting that more than twice as many responded that they are planning to switch to Linux than to Windows 8/8.1 (11 % vs 5 %).

The changes you mention will not be enough to meet the growing competition from Linux-based systems. Gendarmerie nationale (France) say they have lowered their total cost of ownership (TCO) by a ratio of 40 % by switching from Windows XP to Ubuntu-based GendBuntu¹. Such a lowering of the TCO is fairly attractive to any organisation, I guess.

And with so many organisations planning to switch to the already rather old Windows 7, what will those organisations do when Windows 7 receives its last updates, in January 2020?

¹ Gendarmerie nationale, Linux on desktop : a success story (pdf)

Keeping XP will be a big risk with all of the targeted attacks which hit businesses now.

Rumour has it that Windows 8.1 Update 1 will be released in April although Microsoft hasn’t officially stated this.

Of course Microsoft can add XP Compatibility Mode for Windows 8/8.1 but they won’t because they want to discourage everyone from using XP. Despite this, anyone who owns a copy of XP can install and run it in a virtual environment such as VMWare or VirtualBox on Windows 8 or 8.1.

Sorry for the delay. I lost my internet connection and am not sure how often I can login.

As I said the next 6 months should show us if Microsoft will keep those million business PCs or which other OSs will start eroding Microsofts dominance.

Again cost is one of the factors keeping those businesses from updating every PC they have.
I would think that if Microsoft had a compatability mode for XP in Windows 8.1 that many of the 8.1 security features would also apply

Read an online column by a major magazine were the columns author that most of the objectors to updating were using Pirate versions.
Really I doubt a million business PCs are running pirate software. How many of those with limited budgets and following “the rules” might be offended?

Economics and ease of configuration will depend on if Microsoft gets left behind.

Thanks to everyone

Whoa that’s question me too about XP mode. Is it still exist in win8.1 Enterprise version?
If they made a drop on XP what will happen to XP mode for Win7 & Above.
This is the contradiction of microsoft developments. ;D

Lets leave to the Future ? We will find out if Microsoft has developed a plan to keep those million corporate PCs or who will start pulling Microsoft Corporate customers away in the next 6 months.

Interesting I just read about Windows 8.1 being released for customers that needed the mouse. My wondering about XP mode could be coming but it will probably have some limitations.

The next 6 months will show us who really wants those corporate customers and those of us who cannot afford new computers.