Microsoft ActiveSync

I have a problem with V3 and Microsoft ActiveSync. My PDA just hangs after discovering the items that need to be synchronized between the computer and PDA. I have tried marking the executables as “trusted” defined port sets, everything I can, but it still will not synch. Any ideas?

How do you connect the PDA to you computer? It actually sounds like there is a problem with Defense+ permissions. To check this, click Defense+>Common Tasks>View Defense+ Events. There should be an entry for a blocked event related to the sync attempt. Note the program involved. Then click Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy. On that screen, locate the entry for the program that was blocked in the Event Log. Select it and click Edit. On the dialog box, select “Use a Custom Policy” and then click on Access Rights. On that dialog, change the Default Action for “Protected Files/Folders” to Allow. Just to be on the safe side, make the Default Action for “Physical Memory” and “Disk” Allow also. Click Apply Apply Apply. Hope that helps.


I use ActiveSync with my cell phone. Its running WM6 and ActiveSync is at 4.5 How I got it to work was just put the firewall and Defence + into training mode. My cell phone sync’d perfectly. I then put the firewall on custom policy mode and Defence + at paranoid mode and I have no problems with the sync. Note: you might have to undo the changes you made and start again.