Michael Jackson has past away! RIP Michael!!!

Just found out that Michael Jackson has died!

So the king of pop as he was called is no longer in life, and it feels kind of wierd I think :cry:

Whats your reaction people???

It’s a great shame, he was an icon for a generation and despite the allegations of his proclivities towards children, he will be sadly missed.

On a slightly similar note:

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I am a Michael Jackson fan. I love his music and his dance moves.

It’s been 17 years since I started listening to his songs. I even watched his first concert here last Dec 1998. I actually waited form him to come back again for another concert, sadly that won’t happen no more…

I am sadden with him passing away…

I pray that his soul find the peace and happiness that he didn’t found here… and I hope that people would stop being so judgemental towards him…

It’s a loss for the world he passed away…

Sorry to see him go and all that, his music was ok :-\

What i do find strange is the way that he seemed consumed with ruining his body and continually trying to be someone he was not.
All the plastic surgery, skin treatment and other stuff just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Lot`s of people looked up to The Jacksons, Michael in particular but to me it looked like he was a guy with some very serious issues which were never addressed.

Imagine what could have been achieved if he hadn`t gone ga-ga!

All in all a very sad ending…

Wonder where The Beatles catalogue will end up now, apparently Sony have wanted full control for years and could have sued for it but didn`t for fear of a Jacko fanbase backlash.

He was a nut. Who would give a kid a name like Blanket?

I was never much of a music fan…and I sorta agree with you. 88) Still, it is sad to see anyone die (especially if…).