mice on laptops

been meaning to say this for a long time, but something needs to be done about automatically trusting the mouse pad and/or trackpoint…very annoying on a new install…and no hotkey to allow it from the keyboard…i know your gonna give me advice on what to do…but dont…i know what to do. its just annoying to wait each time before the cursor is free to do it…it should be automatic on install…which brings me to another point ive been meaning to post for a long time…CIS has a long lag time before it recognizes things as possible threats…i.e. the trackpoint among many others…you may not get a pop up for 10 minutes after an install or or getting out of install mode and others…shouldnt it be an immediate response to a possible threat? just some annoying things that have been bugging me for about a year…sounds like when v4(if ever) comes out it will be something i could put on grannys(euphamism) machine finally.


goofed cuz cis locked my mouse again…

i think synaptics can be trusted on install

Seems like “Keyboard” unit under Def+ “items to monitor” is not on friendly terms with certain trackpoints :-
Judge by some number of similar messages reported previously.
One of them (was reported approx 1.5 years ago): when Lenovo Thinkpad touchpoint device (hope, named it correctly) was causing increased consumption of CPU resources until “Keyboard” unit under Def+ “items to monitor” was turned off (unchecked).

Please add Synaptics in Submit Applications you want to be made trusted here.

I will move this to the wish boards as it is not a bug report.