MGR test #19

g-data basically could have dropped down a lot so it means they are doing lots of work to stay on top. We shall see what happens.

that would point to how much more malware out there and the testing being done only for a subset of that.
Lets look at another way, the maximum CAV could have increased to achieve 100% is additional 4%. So in reality we achieved over 25% improvement on what was possible (again we could only increase 4%)… Anyway, for me AMTSO compliant tests are the way to go and we will continue to improve our detection. With 3.10 we will see yet another improvement in our detection.


Wouldn’t that basically be no good too? They did a lot of work and only got a 0.0% increase

Can you elaborate some on the improvement in the detection rate of 3.10? Does it relate to introducing family signatures or are other factors in play?

indeed the family signatures (generic sigs), is the main advancement in v3.10. We also have an improved signature format that will allow us to create powerful signatures. Also we have built a huge backend infrastructure for malware analysis using AI. All this hard work will be released with v3.10. Of course the improvements after release of v3.10 will be gradual.


An AI ? :o 88)

yes… Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure.


This is just a question for you Melih? In the promise that you said you would make the AV the best out there, you still have 4 months left, Do you plan on beating Asquared detection rate of 99.7%?

I had to ask this after all it is part of your promise!

:slight_smile: all I can promise is to deliver one of the best AVs… as to tests…we want to go for AMTSO tests


Few antivirus software use an AI as scanner.
(For example iolo antivirus).

I don’t know what AI used for. But I hope Comodo will have a better AI and decrease FP to.

How much longer before v3.10 is released?

AFAIK the end of the month :wink:


Well Cavs is going high tech with artificial intelligence. Thats a new one on me. How does that work then?. First time i have seen this mentioned and along with the other signature improvements i cannot wait to see the improvements in detection and i am sure it will help retain one or two who were drifting and thinking of changing avs.


At the moment AI is at the backend infrastructure and not inside CAV. AI, just like CIMA, helps us with detecting malware in our AV labs.


The wait is unbearable. Will CIS 3.10 finally have CIMA heuristics?

Peace. :a0

No sadly it wont!

I cannot believe it. I had such a hope. :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :cry:

Peace. :cry:

Next release, next release, next release, next release…

or the next one :). Eventually it will be there :stuck_out_tongue:


Possible better backend with AI can/will help preventing FPs getting added as well? =)