MGI Photosuite III and Comodo CIS

I’m very much a newbie and have run into a problem with Comodo on day one. My wife uses a very old program (ie pre Windows XP) called MGI Photosuite III. The software is now owned by Roxio and has been updated several times. However, SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) insists that she wants to keep the old version. I managed to install it under Windows 7 using compatibility with XP. However, on installing Comodo CIS, (to replace another Internet Security Suite) the program no longer runs. It loads and starts but then will not play. Help!

Check Unrecognized files - when this program will be there add this to trusted files.

MGI SOFTWARE PhotoSuite 3 ( Windows ) by MGI Platform: Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4
That's pretty damm old

If you have alot of really old software, just buy a old used computer (it’ll be like 50-100$) Use it for all your favorite old software

Where to get it: look at <----use craigslist, click on your city, In the for sale section, click on computers. <----It’s that easy
If you use that site, always cash and carry