Method to import into Network Zone?

Hi All,

I have a fairly extensive list of hostnames that I block via the Comodo firewall. I have a network zone for this, and a hand-full of entries right now, but I will need to add 60+ entries, and I would rather not have to paste them in 1 entry at a time. Any method to import from a text file, or other list-type file?

Batch file? Powershell? Anything to to assist in rapid updates to zone entries.

Thanks for any information and/or help :slight_smile:


No there isn’t a simple way to add bulk entries, besides blocking by hostname is broken as it will block unrelated domains because it will block all IP addresses withing a range that a domain resolves to.

It was worth a shot :slight_smile: I find the hostname blocking works fine, its been effective, particularly against MS url’s. Blocking all the IP’s associated with a domain you want blocked is a good thing :wink: