Method For Buffer Overflow Detection

Hello, first time poster here. I’ve searched for a fair amount of time and I can’t seem to find any sort of documentation detailing how exactly CIS detects buffer overflows. Does it use dynamic binary instrumentation like Determina’s (now VMWare’s…) Memory Firewall? If not, what method is in use?

If this question has been answered elsewhere, I apologize.

Thank you for your time.

here is an odd question, how do we know you are not some malware writer trying to figure out how to bypass the comodo memory firewall? I would say what you are asking for should technically be considered a company secret.

I think that response is more informative to the user and security community than any technical document ever could be.

its probably coz its a No1 rule of business.

If your drugs company found out how to cure cancer, you wouldnt tell your competitors how for free, you’d either supply the drug yourself, or sell it on to another company.