We could use meters in the task bar (:KWL), like meters to show the free space of all drive letters, ram, CPU, page files, etc, and have it reflect in real time mode. So that when you are copying files it would list how much free space is left without having to goto my computer to check it thus wasting more cpu cycles. Also add an option to click the meter to give you options like defragmenting, or to open my computer with that volume saving a click or two…

This would be especially interesting to add to a USB stick so that the USB stick would have an icon in the task tray to load once plugged into the usb on a computer. This would stop you from copying files and losing them. You could also design a piece of software that would check the free space of the destination drive before the copy process begins to make sure it would fit before hand, that would stop corrupting data, especially if you are using the move command on a directory of files. Common mistakes by most people the copy command should always be used when in question.

I have copied like 9 or 15 directories at once to a USB drive to save time but if you run out of memory, they all stop with errors, then you cant figure out which files quit and have to start all over again. I get sick of opening my computer or creating special icon shortcuts to drive letters so that I can right click them to check for disk space… I usually move many hundreds of gigs a month, and I need an efficient method for this to complete… Maybe add an option to verify the checksum with the meters running…

Again email me if you wish, … Justin Christian

Plenty of SideBar utilities to do just that, my friend.

Could you name a few?

You’re running XP aren’t you?
Sidebar comes with Vista, and has links to the Gadget programs library (all free)
I am metering all those.
You could try CPU-Z, and CoreTemp, or (recommend for you) HWMonitor.
All are from

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No, I have Vista Premium.