Metasploit bypass Comodo Internet Security

Any comments? Is it a trusted application?

its hard to say whats going on here cuz we dont know what permissions each application has. if the “exploit” was compiled to an exe then ran we would know if their is a hole in cis.

From the point where he does a ‘getsystem’ and really get’s it, every machine is toast.
No matter if it where running ANY av, if your running system level you own the box.

One Q… Why Comodo didn’t block such attempt or the program itself?

Hard to say, he executes something which doesn’t seem to be run inside the sandbox, so for some reason CIS must trust it, or he found a way around the sandbox.
No way to say what happened exactly based on this footage only.

I see. Yeah might be. True. After all others will fail if Comodo has failed.