Metabolt - Secondlife Text Client


Ive been having trouble trying to set proper rules for a .NET application called Metabolt,
ive been using comodo as a firewall for ages now, What happens when i start my metabolt and
log it in to SL i Cannot view my Friends list, Comodo blocks it, Now i have every port open
for the application that it uses both UDP and TCP, as well as Setting it trusted in my firewall rules
( i do not use the +Defense ) Yet it still blocks the .NET application from displaying my Friends
list properly. Now Disabling the firewall Clears this right up ( i dont like disabling my firewall).

Is it because this is a .NET application? .NET apps install strangely each update i must make
a new rule for. But regardless even after making the new rule it wont work properly and i cant
figure this out, Ports are open i even used Global Rules for it and i generally use that as a last
resort as it will litterally open up that port in the firewall.

Any other metabolt users out there found a Resolve to this problem?