Messed Up GUI Bug

No, I’m not referring to the infamous arrows staying across different monitor modules.

I’m referring to a weird one. I don’t remember the exact steps to invoke this, but the last steps involved switching between monitors and then going to Tasks > Send files to COMODO for analysis, cancel, then to Summary. I didn’t even access Component Monitor during this.

It took me a bit of playing around to find the solution to restore it: go to Component Monitor and click on Refresh.

Edit: I remember before going to Tasks > … I clicked on the Updater then waited a few seconds to get that Error 106 (busy server, failed to updated, etc.).

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve seen something similar by doing the following:

Open Component Monitor for the first time after a reboot; this will take some time to load. In the middle of that, switch to another aspect of the GUI. Usually I just get a big blank hole where you have components listed, until the memory usage decreases. Sometimes, however, I have gotten text like that, rather than the blank hole. I’ve never had it stay, though; it always restores after a few seconds (once the memory clears out…).


Thank you. It’s re-assuring to know it wasn’t a rookit invasion 88)

Well, if clicking “Refresh” was all it took to solve a rootkit, heck I’d take one every day! ;D


What if we both happened to have a malicious rootkit and refreshing it only cleared away its effect not its core? :frowning:

As long as it’s not bothering me, root away, root away. A rootkit a day keeps the others away… :wink: