Messages from Uninstalled Comodo AV and Cloud.....

I uninstalled CIS about 2 or 3 weeks ago now and downloaded and installed Just the Comodo Firewall. Now, about a week ago I started to periodically get messages from CAV that it has found problems. I have searches the registry and deleted everything I could find regarding CAV. I still get these messages. Please give me a hand here… Like I said, CIS was uninstalled and I can find no reference to it in Windows uninstall or Revo either…

Thanks for your help ahead of time…

Wyoming, USA

OS: Windows 7 Pro x64

Those are most likely alerts from the cloud. When the cloud lookup finds that a file is malware it will be told to the user. Comodo finds this to be a service to the end users when they know something is a virus.


Many thanks for your reply, but the thing is, I do not have any Comodo AV products currently installed on my system, yet I am getting warnings as though I did. The only Comodo software I currently have installed is the Comodo Firewall, ver. 5.5.195786.1383… and I can find no exterior references to any Comodo AV products.
So why would I receive info from a product I know longer have installed ???

Thanks again EricJH !!!

When CIS finds an unknown file it will check it online (in the cloud) to see if it is known or not.

If it is a virus the cloud will tell you. For this you don’t have the AV installed. It also does not mean you have the AV installed.

It is simply an extra service to the users by Comodo; why withhold information something is a virus?

EricJH !!!

Hey, Many thanks for that reply. Makes sense now, and just goes to show Comodo’s quality !! I just couldn’t get my head wrapped around that… Lol… Thanks Again…