Message to Comodo --- Hurricane Sandy

Hope everyone in New Jersey is well, was horrified to see the devastation past few days.
Our thoughts are with you all :slight_smile:

+1. It’s crazy. The whole East Coast of America is shut down! How weak we are against mother nature!

P.S Thank God I live in Europe :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!

record flooding in jersey city, NJ and many of our staff have no power at home :frowning:

Everyone seems to be well, which is the most important thing.

So it will take us few days until we get back to normal.

thank you for your support.


hopefully everyone at comodo is safe. i dont know how hard they got hit in NJ

Hard :cry:

Thank God for that. You will get power back soon I hope.

Best wishes sent over, stay safe everyone.

Glad to hear everyone is ok.:slight_smile: It sounds like New Jersey took the worst of the storm.

Hurricane Dumping snow too. wow.