message on start up [resolved]

hi, when I switched on my pc just now as I got to the desktop a message appeared: “oops we have just found a bug in cmdagent.exe”. At the bottom there was a button to click to report the message to Microsoft but the mouse did not work anyway, everything frozen, so I just hit the power button and switched off. It seems odd for an error message to start “oops” so I thought I would post here to see what others think.

does the message still occur or was that the only time?

hi Fazio, thanks for the reply which I have only just seen. The message only happened that one time.

if it hasn’t happened since i wouldn’t worry about. maybe check the event viewer just incase?


many thanks for the advice Fazio, I’ll stop worrying and will check event viewer. Have a good week.


i’ll just lockthe topic then, where’s josh when we need him 88)
PM me or any online mod if you want to reopen this thread :■■■■