[Merged] why doesn't "check for update" tell me CIS was updated?

Using CIS 5.x for an age and being driven mad by cmdagent hogging the CPU. I kept checking for updates from within CIS but always get told it is up to date. Now I find there’s a 6.1 which I hope will solve the CPU hogging problem, but why wasn’t Comodo informing me this update was available? Seems strange to have an update button that doesn’t tell me I can update.
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Why does CIS 5 not update to CIS 6 when I check. Instead I am told that my product is up to date which I think it isn’t ???

Hi Guys,
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Version 6 has not yet been pushed through the programs updater.
I expect the next release to update via the programs updater, which is not to far off as far as I know.

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Ta much…But have done it manually for now

You are welcome, all the best to you. :slight_smile:

Installed here too and it seems to have rectified the cmdagent CPU hogging problem.

NOT happy about it dumping Dragon and Geekbuddy installers on my drive even though I elected not to have them installed, along with TWO installers for CIS. And what’s this popup telling me I made the correct decision to install Comodo? I know I did, I’ve been using it for years. Less of the bloat and popup garbage please.

Hi curls,
I am glad to hear the CPU issue appears to be rectified.
The Dragon and GB installers were just unpacked from the installation file, but not executed.
AFAIK they can safely be deleted if they are of a concern.
The welcome screen and message center pop-ups can be easily disabled through the user interface settings.
Customize User Interface

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Thanks for that. I only just came back into my garage where this setup is so I hadn’t looked for a reply. It never occurred to me to click on ‘Tasks’ for another menu.

You are welcome.
The Help File is a friend. :wink: