[merged]Various split off comments about polls and CIS users

Yet another topic to make newcomers flow away from Comodo and populate still more negative comments on every security site and forum on the web, nice advertising for CIS indeed…

My idea of online polls is that they are meaningless as everyone can vote what he wants with no verification whatsoever, and even multiple times if he wants to.
Such polls are thus practically biased from their initial idea, here probably not being to make a contest between the active zealots of Comodo and those of concurrent editors, but to have the feelings of “independent” people having tried several solutions, and altough even this idea makes no sense, since your “feelings” or mine do not have any technical value.

Last, it is very shocking to see, if he actually did, the CEO of one of the editors vote himself and, even if he did not, ask Comodo forum users to vote for Comodo (i.e. biasing the poll a little more) when plainly linking the poll without any comment would already have been more than enough.

In these conditions, it appears as sad enough that Comodo seems to need African Republics methods in order to promote itself, actually going against the searched goal, when the software intrinsical qualities would probably be fairly judged by the still non-users if fanboyism, agressive behavior of concurrent editors and demagogic practices where not permanent: they make people feel that, if some editor needs these methods for its softwares, it is because these softwares are of such a bad quality, which is definitely not the case.

Edit: the moderation should also, as usual, take care of crossposting according to the forum policy:

Using your sophism, anybody who likes any software should be dismissed as being biased and categorized as a zealot?
If you want to play with rhetoric, quoting only a part of a text outside of its context to make a point of discussion is not called a sophism, but only in everybody's words intellectual dishonesty.

Note that a sophism raises an invalid conclusion from a valid assertion through bad reasoning, whereas i don’t remember having started from logical axioms, but only having written what i said to be my ideas.

That does not keep of course and by definition such a poll to be totally biased, but you are there the one making the sophism: i never said that the fact that such a poll is also biased from the answers of the zealots of X or Y is the only reason for it to be biased.

Last, and seeming you still haven’t passed your rhetoric cursus, what you answered (?) yourself qualifies rather as an approximative syllogism:

Some of the people liking CIS are zealots.
I like CIS.
I am a zealot.

I like CIS myself, but the software, i hate this stupid and agressive propaganda, enough to make it dismiss not by you, but by a great number of people if reading what’s said about it in third-party forums; i am thus a counter-example of the syllogism talked of supra (assuming that whatever syllogism could have anything but counter-examples): i am not a CIS (or whatever software, or more generally speaking whatever idea) zealot.

If you are in the same situation, what’s the fuss? And if you revendicate to be a zealot, i can’t help you.

Poster #50 here seems to illustrate your point. (Its not you, is it? ;))